Mount Hamilton Summit • President’s Day Weekend: In this view looking west from the Main Building parapet shortly after sunrise, Silicon Valley awakens to a dusting of snow on the east foothills. Snow is expected higher up on the 4200-foot summit during winter and spring, but this 1800-foot freezing level is uncommon. The tall buildings of San José city center are 11 miles away line-of-sight, but the driving distance is more than doubled. Just to the left of downtown, Stevens Creek Boulevard slices across the valley toward the Santa Cruz Mountains. The long runway at Mineta San José International Airport is at far right. In the foreground, Quimby Road ascends the center hillside. The white 1880’s mansion at Joseph D. Grant County Park can be spotted in the lowlands slightly left of center. Grant Lake lies on the other side of Highway 130 on the right. !


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